Steps to make Your Own Shirt: T-Shirt Printing Options

If you want to know how to make your own shirt, then there are several t-shirt printing options available to you. Many garment printing methods are generally used, and you may have heard their particular names without understanding the differences between them. Does it really matter? Not really, as well as the printer you choose will select the one that is most suitable for your design plus garment.

What are you looking for? Do you want to know how to make your own shirt, and have t-shirt printing done for somebody else – maybe as a gift to a friend or one of your relatives. Your brother or sister maybe, or your #1 buddy perhaps? It doesn’t matter — the steps to take are the same for anybody.

How to Make Your Own Shirt: Step 1

The first thing will likely be to choose a design for your shirt. It doesn’t matter if it is a tank top or a regular tee – the principle’s the same. Here are some ways ways to choose the design:

Draw your own: if you are good at drawing or painting then create your own design. Get your writing instruments or paints out and create your own design. This can be anything you want it to become. Some people paint a portrait of their friend while others simple draw several squiggles – you draw or paint what you want.

Use a Photograph: Take a photo if you prefer, and have that will printed onto a t-shirt. Contemporary digital photographic techniques can exchange your photograph onto a printing plate and then onto your garment. An electronic digital camera or cell phone is good for this particular. Take your picture and send this in.

Use an Image: If you are stuck for an idea then check out the internet for some free images. There are several sites online that will allow you to use images cost-free. Simply Google ‘free images’ and see what you get. Make sure to read the licencing agreement, but most sites offering images free of charge simply don’t want you to use them for profit. So have a tendency sell your t-shirts displaying these types of images.

T-Shirt Printing: Step 2

After you have decided on the image you want printed – this could simply be the person’s name or an appropriate slogan – then get it into a digital format. Check with your printer for their preferred structure. A standard graphics format such as JPEG will do. Some accept TIFFs and PDF but they must be flattened, due to the fact layered image files cannot be guaranteed to reproduce your image as it has been when created on your computer.

Now get in touch with a printing company that specializes in garment printing. You don’t have to choose one in your own town or even state. The digital file containing the image can be used in the printer online, and the final garment delivered to you. It is better to use a specialist garment printer, because they is going to be set up with alternative printing ways to suit your design and clothing color.

It’s easy to print a whitened t-shirt with any design or even image, but colored shirts, particularly bright and darker colors, need print techniques that can handle them. Make sure that your printer has machines that can use screen printing, sublimation and direct to garment (DTG) printing. This will give you the confidence that they can handle your job, no matter how difficult you should print.

How to Make Your Own Shirt – Choose the Shirt!

Knowing how to make your own personal shirt is the start. You now understand the type of images that can be printed onto your shirt: lettering, photographs and drawn or painted images. You can add trademarks to that for commercial advertising.

The last step is to choose the t-shirt! Most computer printers offer you a choice of garments in different designs and colors. Make your choice, comprehensive the online form and send in your pictures – job done!
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All you do now is to wait for your printed t-shirt!

You can order just the one or as much as you like: you can even have a different picture printed on each. That costs more of course, but there are many t-shirt printing options available to you. That, essentially is how to make your own shirt : send in your image, even if simply a slogan or name, choose the garment and that’s it!

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