The private Trauma of Hair Loss and the Assist of Laser Hair Brushes

Can laser hair brushes actually prevent the thinning hair and balding problems that affect millions of people? Knowing that many others suffer from daily hair loss does not stop the particular frustration of waking up each and every early morning with an ever increasing amount of hair remaining on your pillow, and an actually decreasing amount of hair on the head of the person in the mirror. Several hair loss treatments have been offered through the entire years. Most of these are temporary solutions that only delay the inevitable. However , one of the newest therapies available is low level laser treatment shipped by these hand held laser products.
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What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are numerous causes that can result in hair loss. Stress from major medical procedures, prolonged disease, hormonal imbalances, use of certain medications, poor diet, infections, scarring or simply unfortunate genetics can all become causes or contributing factors. Yet out of all of these reasons, pattern baldness (male and female) remains the number one cause of hair loss. Hair loss affects both men and women, although men suffer more commonly and to a significantly larger degree.

How Can the Lasers Used in Laser Hair Brushes Help?

Low level laser treatment (LLLT) is, as the name indicates, the use of low or cool power light (from the red light spectrum) to energize and stimulate your scalp to re-start the growth of hair in the scalp’s follicles. So long as the lasers are operating within the proper wavelength and are being held at the proper distance from the scalp by the rigid ‘bristles” of the laser beam hair brush, the energy can be consumed into individual cells of the body. This results in an increase of mobile activity and in renewed growth associated with formerly dormant hair follicles on the head.

Do Laser Hair Brushes Really Work?

According to the FDA, laser hair brushes are given specific guidelines under which usually to operate. A quality company will have investigated their product, will have run their own testing, will have a system of complementary hair and nutritional products to make sure optimal results and will guarantee their product. Most offer a 90+ percent success rate, with an average re-growth rate able to be seen in less than three months of use. In fact , photobiostimulation (using light to stimulate biological processes) has been effectively used for the past 30 years to treat pain and a variety of injuries. It has been used in the surgical hair loss restoration process to promote healing and re-growth as well. So the actual technology is nothing new, but its use for curly hair re-growth is relatively new in the United States in the personal sized, hand held device use with the home.

Are Their Any Risks with the Laser Hair Brushes?

You can find no known risks or part affects associated with low level laser treatment, but you need to remember that it is possible to drop within the ten percent of individuals who stay unresponsive to this procedure. For most of us, when laser hair brushes are used with a complete system of scalp nutritional and hair products, remarkable results are observed quickly. It is even safe to use together with prescription hair loss medications, although the majority of users quit the medications and just use the laser hair comb after awhile.

Other Facts About the Use of Laser Locks Brushes

For those of us with an unlimited budget, we can try any way of trying to keep from losing our tresses. But most of us want the most effective way of our money. Surgery is extremely expensive, prescription medications are scary and costly, gooey hair products don’t function, and laser light therapy has been around long enough to have a proven track record. Laser hair brushes are now readily available for so much less than prescription medications and surgical procedure, and promise no side effects. In my opinion, the choice is simple. Low level laser treatment does work, and for those of us who can see an older relative starting to lose hair or going bald, the time to begin treatment is now. For those of us currently thinning or balding, treating the condition could provide an immense psychological enhance. Hair loss is certainly not the worst medical condition to have, but for those who decide that hair re-growth is important, the low level therapy in laser locks brushes is a good treatment to explore.

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